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Specimen 1 Lake


This is our premium Carp Lake measuring approx 5.8 acres with the average depth ranging from 5ft to 8ft, with plenty of gravel bars. You will find lovely Mirror, Common and Butterfly Carp. This is a well stocked lake with 3 known 40lbs+ carp, 200+ 20-30lbs carp. This is only bookable for a minimum period of 24 hours. Booking at the weekend is a Minimum of 36 hours from Friday to Sunday. Please also note to fish Specimen 1 you need to be a member and the form can be found here -


Premium Swim: Swim 17&18 on Specimen 1 Lake is now a premium double swim that has some extra rules:


  • 24 Hour Minimum Booking

  • £100 per 24 hours

  • Only bookable in multiple of 24 hours e.g 24 / 48 / 72 / 96 etc

Speci 1 A12.png

Specimen 2 Lake

This is the middle lake in the complex with some lovely features. The lake is 2.9 acres with an average depth of 5ft to 8ft. There is Mirror, Common, Tench and Bream. This is a well stocked lake with over 400+ carp ranging from 10lbs to 34lbs. This is only bookable for a minimum period of 24 hours., Day tickets can be purchased on the day from the tackle shop on a first come first serve basis

A12 Specimen 2.png

Island Lake

The island lake is our Match Lake. With 2 islands over a 1.9 acres of water it is stocked with carp to 18lbs, tench 8lbs, bream 7.8lbs, perch 3.8lbs and roach 1.4lbs With 26 swims and regularly holding matches. Our Matches are every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday

Match Lake.jpeg
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